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We curate experiences designed to help you train your body and mind, through stepping outside of your comfort zone and shaking up your routine.


Movement, Mind and Performance Breathwork. These workshops are extended sessions designed to inspire and educate you. Held around Canggu, these are really cool chances to help you connect with some epic humans and raise your training game.


Book 1 to 1 classes with our head coach. Whatever your level. These sessions are dedicated to those looking to learn about what they are capable of not only physically but mentally too. We will strategically design a program that will help you focus, activate and keep it real.


Join us for an off the beaten track experience. Where you can connect, flow, learn, experience and move. Sometimes we don’t know what we are looking for, until we experience it.  Deep dive into your health and wellness in the heart of Bali.

XPT: Breathe – Move – Recover Workshop

Discover Laird Hamilton’s Performance Lifestyle and raise your fitness game today. This workshop is outside and focuses on breathwork, underwater movement and recovery techniques.


Private Coaching

Train your mind and body. Our coaching method is a holistic approach, we look at breath, mindset, fitness, lifestyle, finding balance and nutrition.


“The course really helped me to improve my breathing. I actually use some of the techniques on a daily basis; at work, during sports and even before going to bed – can recommend it to anyone.”

– Julian Baladurage, CEO MBJ

“Carla is a great coach who takes a holistic approach to fitness and wellness. She helped me with a personal training plan for post partum recovery and fitness , having listened carefully to what I wanted to achieve and adapting the plan to my level of fitness and preferences. I would definitely recommend her.”

– Gail Mauffrey, Lawyer 

“During the 3 hours workshop, stepping out of the comfort zone felt accessible and inspiring throughout the diligent guidance and graceful support of Carla. Her natural gift for teaching and transmitting valuable information, topped with an energetic presence and a perfect combination of physical practices, made this workshop extremely compelling and playful. Would do it again!”

Sophie Parienti, Editor in Chief, Yogitimes.com

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